Dice Roll, Counter & Coin Flip

Let’s hear it for all the simple and efficient apps that make our lives easier! Dice Roll, Counter & Coin Flip is a 3 in 1 app everyone needs! You can count things on the go, use the super intuitive dice roller for board games, and make choices in a second! If you just can’t decide what to do, where to eat or what to wear, toss a coin and heads or tails will make a decision for you. Wondering how to count things quickly? With our simple counting app, you can count anything, from cups of water to workout reps or points in games. Options are limitless. This simple and efficient tally counter tool can be a lifesaver in many everyday situations! Just open the app to count objects whenever you need to do a quick count of any kind. And if you want to play board games with friends, you can use our dice simulator and roll the dice to get random numbers. Nothing beats the suspense of the dice throwing sound! That’s why we made sure you get the audio impression of the real dice. Try it out today! The ideal moment for a game of Yahtzee, Ludo or Monopoly, with our custom dice thrower! Have fun.

How to use Dice Roll, Counter & Coin Flip:

Select up to 6 dice in settings
Choose the number of throws
Manage sounds on/off
Tap the reset button for a new dice throw

Elegant click counter to count items, events, days or anything you want
Cool sound effects for counting

Swipe up to flip the coin
Tap the coin to stop and to see the result