Hidden Objects Holiday Travel

Embark on a fun-filled adventure with “Hidden Objects Holiday Travel,” the ultimate “hidden object game” for your mobile device! Join our charming travelers as they pack their bags and set off on a journey to exotic destinations in the hidden object puzzle quest! In each location, you’ll be presented with a scene full of scattered items. Your task in the “searching game” is to seek and find hidden objects shown at the bottom of the screen. The hidden object puzzle offers an exceptional gaming experience with its stunning visuals, making this “object hunt game” an excellent choice for all players. Enjoy hours of fun with casual hidden object games free!

Features & how to play Hidden Objects Holiday Travel:

Find objects in beautifully designed scenes
Play at your own pace with no time limits
You can zoom in and zoom out to see the secret objects better
Gain points to unlock other levels
Use hints to help you find items when you get stuck
Each level gets more challenging as you progress through the game
Turn background music and SFX on/off