Rocket Launch - Alien Attack

Are you ready for the most exciting space adventure? Download Rocket Launch – Alien Attack and let’s begin our mission in outer space. Your task is to ensure all rockets launch successfully, and to stop the alien invasion! If you like “astronaut games in space” and “adventure games”, you will love this “rocket game” with super fun challenges. Play “galaxy games for free”, in the fly mode you must avoid aliens, and in the connect mode you will get your revenge! Start looking for aliens and become an alien hunter. In this aliens vs humans mess, astronauts are here to help. Just drag the astronaut spaceship over the galaxy invader and the alien will disappear. Start your space journey and collect as many points as you can! Let’s save space from “alien invaders”, try out the fast finger tap game and have fun!

How to play Rocket Launch – Alien Attack:
Choose game mode:
FLY – tap the rockets and the rockets only, be careful because you lose a life when you tap on the alien spaceship. When you fill up the experience points bar, you get a bonus game. This is where you should tap the space rockets quickly and earn more points! Turn sound effects and background music on/off in settings.
CONNECT – In this mode, you get to connect rockets of the same color and collect points. Move the rockets to avoid aliens, you lose a life when an alien touches your rocket. Merge 2 rockets and when you see an alien, drag the astronaut spaceship over to crush the alien spaceship!